211 North Street (Route 103 North)
Chester, Vermont 05143

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You are welcome here,
    no matter your age or your size,
    the color of your skin or your eyes.
You are welcome here,
    no matter whom you love.
You are welcome to bring your
    ideas and your energy,
    creativity and strength,
joys and sorrows,
    into this community.
  You are welcome here

Chester UU Church in Summer



First Universalist Parish of Chester is located in the picturesque village of Chester, Vermont. Originally founded as a Universalist Church, it is now affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association. Worship services are held in the historic Old Stone Church, 211 North Street (Route 103 North).

 Services begin at 9:30 a.m. and are followed by light refreshments and conversation. We offer children’s’ Religious Exploration programming, and all are welcome.  For more information, call (802) 875-3257, or email to: info@chestervtuu.org

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What's a UU Church For, Anyway? led by Rev. Nick Boke
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British poet Phillip Larkin describes church - for which he does not have great affection - as "A serious house on serious earth." Unitarian Universalists generally define "serious" quite differently from the way most adherents of most religions do. Letís investigate what it is that brings UUs back to this "serious house" Sunday after Sunday.


Growin' Old Ain't Easy
led by Tony Panzetta

There are challenges and blessings that come with growing old. Some of the emotional challenges and how a congregation could help during this important life phase will be highlighted.


Remembering the Life and the Music of Pete Seeger

led by Will Hunter



Keeping the Sabbath
led by Rev. Dr. Nancy Crumbine

A reflection on time, with help from Rilke and Dickinson.


The Light of the Moral Universe
led by Rev. Barbro Hansson

A reflection on racial justice and what it means to be Unitarian Universalist in light of recent gun violence across this nation.


A service led by Rev. Dr. Nancy Crumbine


Mentally Healthy Religion

led by Rev. Nick Boke

The sermon will look at ways that spiritual pursuits can open one to life and to possibility rather than confining and limiting oneís viewpoints, actions and hopes.


On Sacred Ground
led by Kevin Carson

People of faith must recognize and feel a sacred connection to the Earth in the depths of our beings if we are to succeed in addressing the crisis of climate change.

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