211 North Street (Route 103 North)
Chester, Vermont 05143

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You are welcome here,
    no matter your age or your size,
    the color of your skin or your eyes.
You are welcome here,
    no matter whom you love.
You are welcome to bring your
    ideas and your energy,
    creativity and strength,
joys and sorrows,
    into this community.
  You are welcome here.


Chester UU Church in Summer



First Universalist Parish of Chester is located in the picturesque village of Chester, Vermont. Originally founded as a Universalist Church, it is now affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association. Worship services are held in the historic Old Stone Church, 211 North Street (Route 103 North).

Services begin at 9:30 a.m. and are followed by light refreshments and conversation. We offer children’s’ Religious Exploration programming, and all are welcome.  For more information, call (802) 875-3257, or email to: info@chestervtuu.org

Directions and Map. 

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February Services / Past Sermons


About Salvation
led by Kevin Carson

Who is saved and who is not saved has been debated for centuries. What might "Salvation" mean to Unitarian Universalists?


For the Love of Animals: A Morning with E.B. White

led by Rev. Dr. Nancy Jay Crumbine

From his immortal essays in The New Yorker, to his beloved Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White remains one of the greatest defenders of the equality of all species. His broad articulate empathy has not only saved the lives of count-less spiders across the globe but continues to inspire all of us with an irresistible invitation to return to the lake. Drawing from his stories, essays, poems, and letters, we will celebrate White’s versatile legacy.


The Dignity of an Awakened Mind
led by Roger Guest

When we are ruled by confusion, our actions and behaviors often cause unnecessary suffering and disharmony. If the clouds of bewilderment disperse, a tendency toward natural kindness tends to emerge. It is interesting to explore the allegiance between genuine human dignity and skillful action in ourselves and others.


Our Journeys
led by Rev. Nick Boke

If life’s a journey, it’s probably a good idea to pause from time to time to reflect on the kind of questions every traveler periodically asks of his or her travels, to name a few: When did I head down this particular pathway, and why? Where have I come to, and how did I get here? Where do I think I’m going, and how will I know when I’ve arrived? How am I doing, and how can I know?



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